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Estates & Trusts

You have worked your whole life to provide for you and your family’s welfare. You deserve an estate plan that will distribute your life’s work to your heirs in the most efficient manner possible.  In estate planning, efficiency means minimizing legal fees at your death and minimizing the onerous 45% estate tax rate.  Efficiency also means distributing your wealth in a manner that is consistent with exactly how you want your estate distributed.

Our experienced estates and trusts practice will work with you to craft a tailored estate plan that minimizes your tax liability and legal fees.  We love working with people with estates of any size, and if you own a home in the Bay Area, then chances are that a good estate plan would help save you a lot of money down the road and provide peace of mind today.  If you have significant family wealth, then we are also equipped to help you implement sophisticated family wealth preservation techniques to minimize your tax liabilities and provide as much for your family as possible.

And when things go wrong in your ancestor’s estate, our knowledge and experience with California’s estate and trust law can help you realize what your ancestors truly intended by negotiating and litigating your inheritance with the trustee.