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Tax Law

A tax attorney can do two things for you.  They can represent you before the IRS or state taxing authorities when the government thinks that you owe them more money than you really do.  Or they can help you structure your businesses, transactions, and finances in such a manner so as to minimize the total amount you owe to the government.

Getting audited by the IRS or state authorities is an unsettling process.  We can work with you to bring clarity and peace of mind to this demanding and emotional process. Despite the IRS’s reputation, you have options. We can aggressively represent your interests and help you protect your assets.

We are happiest working with you from the very beginning to plan your businesses and transactions to minimize your tax liabilities and avoid interacting with the IRS.  We will avoid saying, “You can’t do that,” and we will creatively find solutions that lower your taxes while keeping your business goals in mind to craft the most economically efficient tax plan for you, your business, and your family.