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Trademark Law

The purpose of trademarks is to prevent confusion between brands by consumers. There are several categories of marks:

  • Trademarks. Trademarks are symbols used to identify and distinguish goods, and indicate the source of the goods. For example, Nike, Gap, and Coca-Cola are trademarks.
  • Service Marks. Symbols used to identify and distinguish the source of services. For example, Google for providing searchable indexes and information databases is a service mark.
  • Trade Dress. Trade dress is the total image and overall appearance of a product. For example, the shape, appearance, sign, kitchen floor plan, menu, decor, food serving equipment, uniforms, and other features of a fast-food restaurant are trade dress.
  • Collective Marks. Trademarks or service marks that are used by members of a group or organization. For example, AFL-CIO is a collective mark.
  • Certification Marks. Certification marks are symbols used by someone other than its owner to certify where the good or service came from, its material, quality, accuracy, other characteristics. For example, Energy Star is a certification mark.

Any business that plans on offering its goods or services over the internet or beyond its local region should consider registering its trademarks. Our law firm is experienced in registering trademarks and managing companies’ trademark portfolios. Trademark law services include:

  • Trademark Registration and Renewal Around the World

  • Legal Aspects of Mark Design

  • Mark Use and Maintenance

  • Watch Services and Portfolio Management

If you’re just starting your business and need your marks registered, or if you have an established business but never got around to registering your marks and you’re planning on expanding, then please contact us and we’ll help you plan a comprehensive trademark and IP strategy.